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“Like all good ideas, Relax Gaming was dreamt up one evening in the pub.”

In our case, the pub was in Malta and the year was 2010. As well as a fondness for strong drink, its founders Patrik Österåker and Jani Tekoniemi shared strong technical skills, a feature which still today is a key feature of the organization’s DNA. Our goal was to provide a better quality, more flexible, platform than was available to operators at the time. After three generations of poker products, two generations of bingo ones, and a well-established and well-received casino one it still remains our goal.

Unibet shared that vision, has been an important customer from the start, and still, employs our services today. Naturally, Relax has evolved and matured and now includes a number of leading European gaming operators and fellow suppliers among their clients. From employing a handful of people, we now have over 80 dedicated staff, whose impressive work ethic is matched by their desire to retain the original spirit of adventure and sense of fun.

We Relaxers, as we like to call ourselves, get a kick out of doing new things and leveraging the full potential of our multi-talented team. These days the company is a full-service house where we do pretty much everything in-house. That includes initial concepts, design, user experience, platform integrations, client development, infrastructure operations, licensing, and compliance. We hold gaming licenses jurisdictions like the UK, Malta, Denmark, Romania, and Alderney. And we still find time to go to the pub.


Patrik Österåker is CEO and co-founder of Relax Gaming. Born in Vaasa, Finland, he has come a long way since his first summer job fixing telephones. A technical education took him into computer development and programming, which he then also taught to others for a while. After seven years in various software development roles in the telecoms industry he moved to Malta to become CTO of an online gaming operator.

He set up Relax Gaming in Tallinn on Estonia’s Baltic coast as it’s a great city in which to live and work, even when you’re nearly forty like him. He describes himself as a cat person and, unusually for someone in gaming, has yet to visit Las Vegas. This is good news for the cat. In his spare time he enjoys the stress-relief provided by lifting weights, cold lager, and the warmth of a good single malt. The combination, he is the first to admit, is not such good news for the cat.


Martin Stålros is COO of Relax Gaming. Born in Skåne, southern Sweden, he’s always been a keen poker player. His start in the industry was by founding a consultancy that acted as a bridge between players and operators. Ladbrokes noticed his talents and employed him in their Stockholm office.

From there he moved to London, joining Unibet and rising to Head of Poker and Bingo. It was there that he began working closely with Relax Gaming and was impressed by their platform’s speed and reliability. When he got the opportunity to join, he moved to Tallinn.

For him, one of Tallinns attractions is its great restaurants, which occasionally divert him from the poker tables, online casinos, and sportsbooks. He’s also a big football fan and travels regularly to support the ‘best club in North London.’ But, wearing his best poker face, he’ll leave you to decide which one.


Kai Palomäki has been CTO at Relax Gaming since day one. He was born in Ilmajoki, Finland, home of Koskenkorva Vodka – or Viina, as the Finns prefer to call it. He now lives in the more sobering countryside outside Vaasa.

His childhood love of dismantling things (and occasionally putting them back together) to see how they worked led him into the telecoms industry, where he spent ten years as system architect and software developer.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, but is more at home in the pub. Rather than vodka, he is an aficionado of craft beers and even describes himself as a beer hipster wannabe. Because someone has to.


Markus Kruk is CFO at Relax Gaming. He was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. He spent nine years at a BIG4 accounting firm, of which five years were as an auditor and four in capital markets and accounting consulting services.

He joined Relax in the summer of 2015 following a two year secondment in Amsterdam. He loves the city and still goes back regularly, to enjoy relaxing bike rides along the canals..until it is time to stop at a windmill brewery for a beer.

Markus is passionate about football, fishing, sailing, and travelling. As you’d expect from a CFO, he likes to plan these things in advance, particularly the travel. He can spend hours fishing in beautiful spots and hates getting lost when travelling.


Tom Finlayson is Head of Delivery at Relax Gaming. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, he started in IT in 2000. In 2009 he took the plunge to move to the other side of the world and ended up in London. It’s there that he joined Unibet as a senior developer.

After almost six years at Unibet, including leading their mobile development, Tom went out on his own founding and co-founding a few ventures as well as consulting. Part of this was for Relax Gaming in 2016 and when offered to come on board full-time he jumped at the chance.

When not propping up a bar or doubling down against a ten in blackjack, he can be found playing games and binging on Netflix. He also enjoys travelling and can navigate numerous cities by their pubs and casinos.

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