Software Engineer
IT & Infrastructure

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our Platform team. In this role, you get to and are expected to work with a broad tech stack and tasks that include scripting, programming, automation, partner communication, documentation, databases - the full monty.

About Relax Gaming

We are a B2B multi-product provider driving innovative solutions and offerings to the iGaming market. We started off with Poker, soon Bingo and finally our own self-made Casino games and content distribution platform for our Casino studio partners followed. Founded in 2010 in the pub in Malta, our strategy has remained the same - we aim for technical excellence and have a passion for business simplicity. That’s why we have grown rapidly and now have more than 200 Relaxers working in our offices all over Europe.

We release quite a lot (50+ and growing) of games per year. With the ever-increasing activity, we need to find visionary & hands-on technological expertise that will help us manage the growth and build scalable, maintainable systems for our game pipeline. We need experts with a solid understanding and skill set in full-stack web-based solutions, experts that are also willing to learn the gambling business with all its quirks.

About the role

The Software Engineer we are looking for, has knowledge of both client and server-side software development. Our platform team members are not afraid of taking on possibly unfamiliar tasks like improving and implementing automation, finding clever ways to add flexibility to game configurations, market adaptation or customer requests. The toolbox available is in principle unlimited, we work with what makes sense for the task at hand and do not shun away from a challenge.

Your skills

While the requirements on your exact technological experience are flexible, here are examples of skills making a good fit:

  • Hungry to learn new things and understand the technical universe of online gambling
  • Linux experience
  • Bash/shell scripting solid knowledge
  • Amazon AWS/Cloud experience
  • Javascript medium level knowledge (framework X experience irrelevant)
  • Great understanding of web protocols
  • Medium level knowledge of a server-side programming language (Java, Python, or similar)
  • Experience with Python or willingness to learn
  • Some experience with CI/automation
  • Great written English and a good communicator


The role will be preferably located either in our Tallinn office or Helsinki/Oulu offices. Although the offices are small, the spirit of the people working there is very high!

It is also possible to work from home after the necessary training period is completed. Read more about Life at Relax from here.

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