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Tiki Infinity Reels Megaways

Hailing from the islands of South Pacific, Polynesian idols were originally carved to represent the first human progenitors. Created by the gods and later ascended to deities; these ancestral heroes rule over aspects of islanders’ life and its natural elements.

Central to the creation myth is the power of volcanoes. Don’t be fooled by the picturesque and relaxing seaside; underneath the serene waters hot boiling lava is slowly but surely bubbling up. With any eruption come wild volatile explostions bringing plentiful prizes to the Infinity Reels™.

A sister game to Odin Infinity Reels™ X Megaways™ Tiki further fine tunes the excitement of infinite possibilities.

In a nod to Infinity Reels ancestry, sticky win multipliers return whilst those achieving 12 additional reels remain in line for the 888x jackpot prize.

The art and soundtrack of Tiki is full of fun and color, the background scenic whilst lush; the symbols exotic and quaint - from wherever you’re spinning, Tiki Infinity Reels™ X Megaways™ will transport your imagination to the serene pacific islands.

Feel the sand underfoot and the potential for serious winnings as you step into vacation mode within ReelPlay’s tropical Tiki paradise.

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