Life at Relax

Authentic company culture unifies teams and bridges global offices. At Relax, we are passionate, driven, and humble. We enjoy a team-oriented environment and understand our value to the overall company. Most importantly, we love what we do!

Maintaining Balance
Exceeding Expectations
Community Strength

We work hard to provide the best gaming experience for our customers and partners. However, we believe in balance, so embracing the social side of office life with colleagues is important too.

Passion is the driving force that helps us build a strong reputation, uphold high professional standards and continuously seek development. Our willingness to go the extra mile is part of our culture.

Despite being based in different locations and teams, ultimately, we operate as a single unit. We support each other, celebrate together, and grow together.

Why Relax?

Being part of the growing team at Relax offers an opportunity to work with market-leading products and services, while also enjoying the freedom and flexibility to choose how to reach goals. It is the result that counts, and both individuality and innovation are celebrated here.

What Relaxers Have To Say

"For me, life at Relax is about doing things together with an industry leading mindset. This spirit, along with the blend of talent and determination to do whatever it takes to see your product flourish, is not only motivating to be part of, but also what makes the company culture here stand out - Amazing environment."

Kristjan Kuresson | Head of Business Development

"I believe that one of Relax Gaming’s best assets is its people. This enables me to interact with a fantastic group of professionals on a daily basis, which makes coming to work a true pleasure. Relax employees are fun, filled with positive energy and experts in their field."

Tatjana Savic | Project Manager

"Working at Relax Gaming is a wonderful experience, especially because of the great people that are part of the company. Everyone is extremely passionate about their work and there’s an ideal combination of good friendly atmosphere and top-level professionalism."

Marko Drazic | Senior Artist

"Despite joining Relax with no online gambling industry experience, I was welcomed with open arms and always feel appreciated for the work I do. The knowledge gained and support received since I joined has been magnificent. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to grow with the Relax family on this fantastic journey."

Sandra Edström | Office Manager

"I joined Relax Gaming when we were just a couple of months away from releasing our poker 2.0 - and we have been inseparable since. Heading our poker product, I have the opportunity to work with the most complex and perhaps the most challenging vertical in iGaming (yet closest to my heart), and I love every day of it!"

Mattias Kluge | Head of Poker

"Being part of a game’s journey from concept phase right up to delivery is tremendously exciting and makes my role a fun one. Relax Gaming gives me the freedom to be creative and also explore while coding, which not only strengthens me as a developer, but also helps Relax to produce high quality games."

Anna Flisberg | Game Developer

"Relaxers share a common mindset of continuous growth, which is valuable for me as a professional artist. The team contains industry-leading talent and thriving team spirit. The fact that we work on a variety of art styles means also means that we constantly have the opportunity to teach each other new techniques too."

Stanislav Volkov | Lead Artist

"Relax Gaming offers employees the ideal environment to generate high quality work output, whilst also fostering their personal growth. Teams across departments and offices are highly results driven, yet also amicable and open minded – This makes for an invigorating combination and great company culture."

Srdjan Zdravkovic | Head of Game Studio

"Working for Relax Gaming is an absolute blast! The dynamic growth of the company and constant flow of new challenges keeps motivation levels high. Business goals are taken seriously on personal, team and company level, however, brilliant colleagues and the uplifting atmosphere make Relax live up to its name."

Miika Korpela | Head of Legal

"Joining Relax Gaming was the best career move I made! From the perspective of a game developer - the positive atmosphere, freedom to innovate, and outstanding colleagues, all make Relax a phenomenal place to work. It’s a great pleasure to be part of the team and to push boundaries together every day."

Stevan Jovanovic | Junior Game Developer

"In my opinion, company culture at Relax Gaming is about building meaningful relationships. Colleagues offer each other support and interactions are genuine. Everyone works towards the common goal, and as an employer, Relax empowers you to take decisions. An honest approach, input and good work ethic are valued."

Alina Hart | HR Business Partner
Office Locations

Our Gibraltar office is located within the World Trade Centre, surrounded by marina-side restaurants, and just minutes away from the airport. Here, the team is focused on broadening our market reach.

This is where it all began in 2010. Today, Malta is home to our headquarters, with a beautiful office space in Spinola Bay that acts as our product, commercial, and marketing hub.

Our game studio is based in an urban area of Serbia called Dedinje. In a beautiful villa just minutes away from the centre of Belgrade, this workspace brings a homely feel to our professional setting.

We have three offices in Finland; the biggest is in Helsinki, and the two smaller ones are in Vaasa and Oulu. Most Relax employees based in these offices work in DevOps, Infra, and Legal.

Our Estonian office is located right in the heart of the capital city, within the Rotermanni quarter. Tallinn is our tech hub and houses employees across various technology functions and positions.

Sweden is home to our two award-winning game studios. Based in Malmo and Stockholm, these cities offer diverse and unique backdrops to employees working in business, support, or content-related roles.

Careers at Relax
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