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Over 5 years ago, we successfully challenged the status quo of online poker by making it fun and fair again. We've come far, fast and as the years go by, we have no plans of slowing down. Our extremely flexible code allows us to continuously improve our offering and the experience it brings via frequent updates.


With an engaging loyalty programme, innovative and well-integrated promotions, plus hundreds of avatars and dozens of backgrounds, we surprise and delight to ensure a fun and enjoyable poker experience.


Mobile excellence while making sure we deliver a good experience across all channels, with a fresh UX and intuitive UI.


Being poker players at heart, we strive to keep the game fair. We achieve this through, amongst other methods, the ability to create multiple new identities on a daily basis with our quick seat lobby, along with disabling data mining and sharing.


Through our minimalist approach to design, we have created an intuitive user-interface which is greatly appreciated by pros and newbies alike.

Award-Winning Client

Awards received to date include: back-to-back EGR awards for Innovation in Poker (2014 and 2015) as well as top Poker Supplier in 2021, the GIA award for Supplier of the Year (2017), EGR’s Mobile Poker Product (2019) as well as the GIA award for Poker Supplier of the Year (2020).

Home of HexaPro - Jackpot Sit & Gos

Relax Gaming forever changed the Jackpot Sit & Go industry standard with the launch of our own version, in the form of HexaPro. We did this by improving the payout model, increasing excitement within the lottery element of the game and enhancing the anticipation in all-in situations.

Mobile Device Poker Chip Poker Avatar Poker Chips

With HexaPro - Jackpot Sit & Gos, 2 & 5 player Sit and Gos, Multi-Table Tournaments with multiple features. Texas Hold'em NL and Omaha PL are the most popular cash games but if you are looking for stack-guaranteed action, then Banzai is the game for you.


Our unique Poker client is optimised for channel and devices to ensure unparalleled consistency. A full poker offering for PC/MAC, IOS/Android and a simplified HexaPro poker client designed for Casino brands make our channel-support the best in class.


Unibet Poker has licences in the UK, Malta, Denmark, Sweden, France and Romania.

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