Responsible Gambling

Relax Responsibly

Sustainable business

Responsible Gaming are social responsibility initiatives, imposed by legislation, self-regulation and industry best practices. The aim is to ensure gambling products are safe and fair, and to create awareness for gambling related harm and prevention methods.

At Relax we are all about fair play! As part of our license obligations, we need to ensure that we have applicable Responsible Gaming measures in place. Gambling needs to be enjoyed responsibly, so we continuously work to ensure that you our games can be experienced exactly as intended – entertaining and safe. Relax is committed to developing and offering high standard games and ensuring they meet all applicable technical and compliance requirements and standards.

Relax is, together with our partners, committed to complying with industry best responsible gaming and player protection practices. We are convinced that Responsible Gaming is integral to maintaining a sustainable business and a good industry reputation. We aim to offer entertaining games in a safe and fair environment.

Licensed and certified

Relax and partners target regulated markets and, if applicable, obtain required Supplier licensing. With this comes the obligation to adhere to market specific regulatory requirements, meaning applicable compliance legislation and technical standards.

Our platform, games and RNG are certified by independent accredited testing laboratories for several jurisdictions. We only work with partners who are fully certified and reputable. 

Certification and regulatory requirements cover areas such as game integrity, fairness, security and player protection. The result is transparency and responsible game design. The games are developed for an adult audience and designed to support awareness and protection.

Player protection tools

In order to facilitate for our customers to promote Responsible Gaming we offer player protection features to ensure entertainment as the main purpose of gambling.

Via game configuration and API solutions we provide our customers with the possibility to implement our tools to enable players with the means to use responsible gaming controls.

Relax self-protection tools offering contains for example reality checks, game speed control, play limits, time limits, session time counter and net session position.

Social responsibility

Each year Relax makes Responsible Gambling donations. We are financial supporters of the following organizations:

These are our designated receivers as they work with prevention, research and treatment of gambling related harm, as well as create awareness about safer gambling.

Relax also makes a yearly donation to the Romanian National Gambling Office (ONJN), which has a sub-division designated to Responsible Gaming.

Player information

Playing our games should be an enjoyable experience. If you are not having fun, we are not having fun.

We recommend that you:

● Keep track of the time spent gambling. We know better than anyone that time flies when you are having fun, so we have implemented tools to help you.

● Monitor the spending. A bit of financial planning can go a long way when gambling, so keep a close eye on the budget.

● Be mindful of a growing habit or problem, it is easy to get lost in the game. We recommend that you seek help if you feel you are getting carried away. 

Relax offers player protection tools to our customers to ensure player safety. Direct player communication is handled by the Operator that you choose to play with. If needed, check their Responsible Gaming section to access help and support.

Please Relax responsibly!