Regulated Markets

At Relax, we believe in achieving sustainability and growth through responsible gambling. We have an unwavering commitment to industry regulations and believe that regulated markets are central to any gambling business. Regional operations are ensured by a compliant, local presence and a supportive approach to regulation. Our goal is to increase outreach in the regulated markets and achieve global distribution; while offering a seamless experience to operators and maximum distribution to partners.

Competitive Advantages
Access to unmatched regulatory knowledge and know-how
Focus on responsible gambling, including development & future trends
End-to-end business protection i.e. Partners’ content to Relax and content via Relax to operators
Simplified management of compliance obligations catering for variety and volume of partners
Relax’s proprietary & aggregation services accommodate diverse regulations across the global landscape
Relax facilitates global positioning through regional hubs (infra+licence)
360 visibility of the regulatory landscape
Rapid market expansion
Regulatory Support

Discover how Relax can take your business to the next level through comprehensive support in regulated markets.

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