Regulatory Support

The Regulated Market landscape is one that is complex and constantly shifting. At Relax Gaming we provide your business with the necessary information, expertise, and support from our dedicated and experienced team so you can navigate to success.

Relax Gaming aims to provide a seamless experience to both partners and operators, removing the compliance, tech and admin burden of working with multiple partners to propose a diverse yet harmonised global offer.

Benefit from our global presence and extensive distribution through regional hubs and regulated markets roadmap without bearing heavy investment.

Operating in regulated markets requires time and cost. With our services, you avoid the need to hire a Compliance Manager and we perform many regulatory duties on your behalf, including handle-certification, annual audits, vetting operators and a plethora of other tasks.

Worldwide regulations are complex and the level of obligations is increasing year on year. As the industry moves faster through new territory and product innovation, crucial elements affecting your business can be missed. Relax Gaming will go the extra mile to support you.

Increase your compliance knowledge going into new territories, launching new products, and working with various operators, with our team at Relax Gaming. We offer webinars and learning sessions on specific areas of regulation, including product design, player protection, development governance and more.