Mega Masks Set for Launch: Interview with Callum Sultana
Mega Masks Set for Launch: Interview with Callum Sultana
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As part of their series of interviews with iGaming heavy hitters, GamblersPick sat down with Callum Sultana, Game Product Owner of Relax Gaming.

GP: Hello and thank you for taking the time for this interview. There are many things I’m sure our readers are curious about so let’s get straight to the point, shall we? Could you tell us a bit more about the company, i.e. share some background information about Relax Gaming? When was the company launched and what was the initial idea? What are some of the core values that Relax Gaming cherishes?

Callum: Relax is a casino games aggregator and content supplier also supplying Poker and Bingo exclusively to Kindred brands. The company was founded in 2010, when Kindred asked for a poker product that was better than anything the market had to offer. After a successful debut, we went on to supply a variety of high-profile, third-party games to a large number of large casino brands, creating our own portfolio of proprietary content in 2018. Relax saught to simplify collaboration for operators and studios, while also cultivating fair business relationships and providing high-quality, unique content. Integrity is a value that is definitely cherished here, it comes through in everything that we do and is at the core of our business.

GP: You have built quite a portfolio of games by this point and it seems players are enjoying your titles. Could you share with us the process behind creating a new game? How do you come up with ideas for new slots and how do you go about implementing these ideas? 

Callum: Relax gaming is a hub of creative and experienced talent where ideas are free-flowing and innovation is encouraged. When creating a new game, we start by identifying the concept that we instinctively feel will deliver the best gaming experience. Once we do that, we move the game into concept stage, which is where we set a theme. Once this phase of development is complete, the game goes into a production cycle. Throughout this process the game is being tested, tweaked and constantly improved until we feel it’s ready to hit the market. 

GP: Talking about new slots, there is a new one coming up in March if I’m not mistaken, called Mega Masks. Could you share with us what was the inspiration for the game? I’m sure you have many ideas bouncing around so why did this one in particular get picked?

Callum: This game went through a surprising number of stages. We started with a mechanic that we were really happy with and constructed a game around it. We took our time identifying a theme that we felt was well-suited to the features. The game morphed from a 1970’s disco theme to eventually becoming a Guatemalan-inspired game!

GP: What can players expect from the Mega Masks slot? Are there some new and interesting mechanics that you’re planning to roll out with this new title? What is the maximum potential win and what kind of volatility will the game feature?

Callum: Mega Masks has a core mechanic that is primarily focused on connecting reels together and creating Colossal Symbols. This combination can offer some great payouts with fun visuals that reinforce the message. The interesting twist in this game is that we offer our players the opportunity to adjust the play style of the game through the Mega Bet feature. This offers 2 additional levels on top of the base mechanic. You can adjust the Mega Bet to give you more frequent random features as well as a head-start in the Free Spins round. This is designed to assist the player in getting closer to the simulated max win of 2450x bet (410x in one spin) in the Mega Bet.

GP: Beyond slots, Relax Gaming is involved with a whole scope of iGaming products. What can you tell us about other areas of your business? You’ve developed a rather unique online poker client, for example. What are your plans in this niche moving forward?

Callum: Our poker product is going from strength to strength together with our partners at Kindred. We aim to surprise and delight with regular updates and we take pride in challenging the status quo within the poker world. Our priority is always to create a fun, fair and exciting experience. Other than the full poker offering we are supplying to Unibet, we recently released a special game client made for casino sites with our high-volatility and high-pace game HexaPro. We’ve always got something brewing in the Poker domain, so stay tuned for our next update.

GP: I am sure you have much more coming out of your workshop beyond Mega Masks. Are there any titles that are already in the pipeline that you’d like to share with GamblersPick? What does the future hold for Relax Gaming?

Callum: We have some really exciting content in the pipeline for this year, TNT Tumble is definitely one that we’re looking forward to launching, as the third series of one of our all-time top-performers, our hopes are high. In March, Relax turns 10 and we have some great celebratory plans around that of course, and we’re also preparing for a brilliant collaboration game which is set to launch later on in the year, so there’s a lot in store for 2020!

GP: Thank you so much for your time and sharing with us some of the fun facts I’m sure our readers will enjoy. We’ll be looking out for Mega Masks going live and definitely keep an eye out for all new products. Best of luck with all your future endeavors!