A decade worth celebrating!
A decade worth celebrating!
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It’s been 10 years since Relax Gaming opened its doors, and what a decade it’s been! From revolutionary poker and bingo products that put Relax on the map, to casino offerings and collaboration platforms that followed later on, it’s been an eventful decade to say the least. Looking back at our achievements and hard work over the years brings a lot of pride and countless fond memories to mind.

The company started out as a poker supplier for Kindred back in 2010. Created by the founders of the company, two avid poker players, their product addressed gaps in the market that they felt other providers were missing, namely, a sense of fairness. The result reignited the poker scene, proving that given a fair playing field, the recreational player could provide sustained product growth. This cemented the combination of integrity and innovation that would form the undercurrents of the company for years to come.  

After this roaring success, Kindred engaged Relax to do the same for another classic vertical, and just a few months later Relax Bingo was launched. Adding a unique and immersive experience to the traditional gaming format, with a focus on jackpots, speed versions and flexibility, this game suited multiple markets and targeted a range of players. This game challenged the bingo-stereotype, with bold designs, contemporary music themes and events!

After five fruitful years, Relax set its sights on even more verticals, with the goal of simplifying aggregation and creating truly unique content that would set it apart from competition. The company used its robust technical foundations to build a collaboration platform that changed the game for many, providing unrivalled speed-to-market and a simple, one-time integration process for operators. The platform that now supports Silver Bullet and Powered By programmes gathered instant traction, while the first network game, Eric the Red, launched in 2018 and the first top-performer, Temple Tumble MegawaysTM, just a few months later.

We’re proud to have grown into a company renowned for efficient delivery, fair pricing, and hassle-free relationships. At Relax, we thrive on doing things differently, our goal is to impress and improve through every new endeavour. With an inspiring team now clocking in at over 170 people (and counting), and a lasting commitment to continually enhancing our skillset and product, we thank everyone that’s helped us on this incredible journey and have no plans of slowing down.