Working together while we’re apart
Working together while we’re apart
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Like most other companies around the world, Relax Gaming has had to think on its feet to devise new ways of supporting our team and partners during these unprecedented times of uncertainty. The entire team has been advised to work for home until further notice, but we are lucky enough to be operating as usual, still delivering on our promises in the most effective way possible. However, it’s not just our business that defines us as a company, the social qualities and warm internal atmosphere are an integral part of who we are, and that area requires as much cultivation and maintenance as any other aspect of Relax. 

There is no handbook as to how best to approach situations of this kind, no online tutorials or crash courses to follow; only concern for our people, instinct on what is right, and looking to those who truly understand the fabric of Relax to create a solution that works specifically for us. In our case, everyone across the company, from Human Resources, Office Management, to the Product, IT, and Commercial teams, have contributed creative initiatives to connect employees from all over the world. So far, we’ve had a positive response – the Relax network has seen more engagement and interaction than ever before.

The first initiative came through the Founder himself, who set up a communication channel where employees can follow one-on-one interviews with different colleagues about their roles and company updates. A ‘Working from Home’ channel soon followed, with the goal of replacing light discussions in the office kitchen or at one another’s desks; here employees are prompted to share meals and recipes, discuss our morning routines, post pictures of workspaces, as well as great reads and workouts.

Internal poker, bingo, and slot tournaments have proved the most popular so far, with fun prizes playing a role in playful competition and friendly banter. Other virtual events such as Friday drinks and work lunches have been organised by different groups and teams to ensure morale is kept up and team spirit remains intact. Since most of us are new to this way of working, we monitor the situation by gathering feedback and responding. A recent survey showed positive results, with a 94% response rate indicating that the employees have confidence in Relax’s future.

We’re grateful to be in a position where (so far) business can go on as usual and our teams are well-equipped to adjust to working remotely. We’re still growing and have added 10 new employees to our team throughout this period, adapting to the situation by welcoming them remotely and delivering equipment to their doors. Our priority is to keep our employees safe and supported so we can keep delivering on our promises to our partners and customers.