PG Soft acquires IP rights to Infinity Reels™
PG Soft acquires IP rights to Infinity Reels™
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Earlier this year, Relax Gaming augmented its Powered By partnership deal with game supplier ReelPlay to include intellectual property rights to their unique mechanic, Infinity Reels™. Today the team is excited to extend this agreement further, with another Powered By partner, PG Soft, signing an IP agreement with ReelPlay which enables the studio to incorporate the innovative mechanic into their future productions.

ReelPlay’s El Dorado Infinity Reels™ debuted last November and proved an instant success. The Infinity Reels™ mechanic provides the chance for new reels to be added with every winning spin and an increasing multiplier for all wins, providing easy to follow, maximised winning potential for players.

Relax recognized the value of ReelPlay’s distinctive feature early on and was the first partner to acquire the rights to Infinity Reels™. An additional element to the deal permit’s Relax’s third-party studio partners to leverage the opportunity and make use of the company’s strong network connections.

Simon Hammon, Relax Gaming CPO, said: ‘Both Silver Bullet and Powered By were devised to give creative studios exposure and allow them to capitalise on our extensive distribution and deals in the way that best suits them. It’s great to see a partner taking full advantage of the offerings our programme provides.

Ken Zhang, the Managing Director and Co-founder of PG SOFT™, said ‘We’re thrilled to have gained IP rights to such a unique mechanic. Thanks to Relax the process was smooth and efficient. The team facilitated our connection and were indispensable in orchestrating the agreement. We’re excited to get started on our first Infinity Reels™ release and thank ReelPlay for opening up the IP to us.

David Johnson, CCO at ReelPlay, said: ‘We welcome PG Soft’s interest in Infinity Reels™ and are excited to see the treatment they come up with in their own interpretation of the IP. Relax provided the perfect glue in bringing the parties together. ReelPlay have only scratched the surface of the potential of Infinity Reels™ and look forward to all manner of implementations from our new partners.’