Pink October at Relax Gaming
Pink October at Relax Gaming
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Every year Relax does its utmost to raise awareness about breast cancer throughout the month of October but with remote working conditions coming into play as well as the added importance for keeping well this year, it was time to make a bigger splash!

 This year, we looked for new ways to get employees reflecting on their own well-being and engaging with one another to promote this worthy cause. On the 1st of October we launched a light internal campaign across our internal communications and fitness channels urging our colleagues to THINK PINK in every way, shape or form. Whether it was pink muffins, outfits, pet accessories or cocktails we wanted our teams to get creative - even while couped up at home. The main incentive went further than simply sharing photos, the person who was most active (and of course the most pink) would decide which relevant charitable cause Relax’s annual breast cancer donation would go. 

The result was fantastic! With pink bow ties seen on some of our favourite pups, to rosy face masks and a bright pink egg that had everyone bursting with questions, it’s safe to say that the campaign achieved the social aspect of its goal. Amongst the participants was one of our Platform Specialists, Juha Sahakangas, who shared wonderful photos that brought smiles to everyone’s faces; from carefully constructed pink meals complete with heart-shaped bell peppers, to a perfectly pink photo of a blush fireplace and an outfit to match, Juha was a clear winner.

 A serious supporter of cancer-related illnesses himself, Juha decided to donate the money to the Finnish Syöpäsäätiö (Cancer Foundation), an institution he is very familiar with and one that he trusts to make the most of this funding. When asked about this choice, his answer was simple:

‘I'm a firm proponent of science and believe the goal of curing the disease is the most important thing. As much as I’d like to help patients and sufferers, I try to look at the bigger picture and long-term solution to this pressing issue.’

 Speaking from a place of sincerity and personal misfortune he said: ‘Cancer research in all forms is a cause close to my heart.’ Everyone was delighted to see the funding placed in the hands of someone so invested in the subject.

Bringing the team together and interacting in new ways is always a fantastic occurrence but doing it in support of such a worthy cause makes it all the more special. Pink October presented Relax with the opportunity to learn more about its team and be connected even while apart. It was tremendous to give our colleagues the chance to raise their voices about causes that they care about and be given the opportunity to see where our donated funds go - this feels like the start of a beautiful team tradition!