iGB's Slot Showcase: Relax Gaming’s stellar space adventure is in a galaxy all of its own
iGB's Slot Showcase: Relax Gaming’s stellar space adventure is in a galaxy all of its own
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In this month's Slot Showcase, iGB speaks with Relax Gaming's CPO, Simon Hammon, about the company's cosmic release Multiplier Odyssey.

How would you describe Multiplier Odyssey?

Multiplier Odyssey is a high-volatility, high-impact, space-themed slot that invites players to step onto an intergalactic battlefield. Rewards of up to 50,000x the bet are available, along with a galaxy of multipliers and free spins that make for stellar win potential.

How does the gameplay work, and which unique features and mechanics set Multiplier Odyssey apart from other titles in the market?

From the moment the base game is activated the excitement begins, with an explosion of features providing huge win potential. Coin collector symbols combine all coin values and apply them to the bet size as multipliers, while a x3 variant of the coin collector triples the amount won from all the collected coin icons, bringing win potential that’s out of this world.

Three bonus symbols then blast the players off into free spins where seven spins are awarded, represented as lives. Each winning spin applies a corresponding multiplier from the above game screen, while every losing spin deducts a life. Once all 10 multipliers are applied, the super multiplier is unlocked where reels keep spinning until a win is scored. Where supported, the buy feature is sure to go down well with players, allowing them to transport straight to the action in free spins.

Across which markets and platforms is the slot available?

The game is available in the approved jurisdictions of the UK, Malta, Denmark, Estonia, Isle of Man, Latvia, Romania and Sweden and is available on all devices.

What do you consider to be the main challenges in slot development and delivery today?

There are thousands of slots on the market, with hundreds of new games launching every month, so creating a game that stands out and immediately resonates with both players and operators is challenging. Today’s supplier is faced with many more aspects to consider when building a game than it did even three or four years ago. Ensuring compliance in new regulated markets while also ensuring the product is made to be adaptable to the changing face of regulation without impacting the planned delivery can be a test.

Increasingly, reduced time spent on devices and visibility of product must also be considered. Players must engage with your game quickly nowadays – they are less likely to invest time into discovering features and gameplay. New titles must deliver innovation that captures interest, unique mechanics, high-win-potential and quality graphics, as well as an intuitive gameplay experience.

What do you see as the major innovative and disruptive trends in the online slots space, and how will your product roadmap in 2021 reflect these?

Studying the market at the moment, it’s easy to see that the emerging trends are focused on volatility and mechanical flow based on player behaviour. The importance of tracking data and player insight is growing, with today’s consumer looking and expecting a lot more from the products they spend their time and money on.

Relax has grown rapidly in 2020 and arguably has had the biggest game success. This has been achieved through a willingness to challenge, innovate and offer high-win potential, as well as create mechanics that are complex yet easy to understand – this stands at the core of what will be built in 2021.

There are of course market disruptions in terms of regulation that place new requirements and restrictions on what we can offer. As with any key supplier, Relax will of course adapt and shape its products to address these emerging conditions while remaining agile to ensure the fastest transition possible.