Megaways Slots Expert discusses mechanics with Relax Gaming
Megaways Slots Expert discusses mechanics with Relax Gaming
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Interview by Megaways Slots Expert:

Today we’re joined by CPO, Simon Hammon from Relax Gaming.

1.   Megaways™ continues to go from strength-to-strength in the world of iGaming. Looking back, would you consider it to have been a shrewd move acquiring the license so early from Big Time Gaming. Would you say this has given you an edge over your competitors?

Being amongst the first to gain rights to such a ground-breaking mechanic like Megaways was a great step for both our in-house studios and our studio partners. The agreement not only helped us create more differentiating content but also spoke volumes regarding our full-service offering and reputation, showcasing the hassle-free working relationships we cultivate, adding value wherever we can for our third-party suppliers.

Moreover, speed-to-market is a pillar of our offering and a big part of our strategy to help our operators’ lobbies stand out. Providing Megaways content to clients before many of their competitors lent them the edge that they’re looking for, a quality we strive for with every new release.

2.   We love the way that you tend to be a little different in the creation of your games, with this also spilling over into your Megaways™ content. Do you consider yourself as being a company that likes to think outside of the box?

Absolutely. When operating in a marketplace as crowded and competitive as this one, being different is not just a commodity, but a necessity. It’s those that are agile and forward-thinking that will succeed in the long run. Additionally, we take pride in our work and try to differentiate in every way possible, so being offered the opportunity to combine our ideas with a mechanic we regard highly adds a creative element which we were eager to take advantage of.

3.   You’ve also recently acquired exclusivity with the Megaclusters™ mechanic. Is this now an area that you will focus on intensely? Or will Megaways™ still be a part of your roadmap?

Both of these innovative mechanics present great opportunities for growth and exploration in game creation so it’s a matter of seeing which one enhances our roadmap and upcoming titles.

It’s not only our proprietary work that benefits from access to such mechanics. We always look to extend our agreements to our studio partners where we secure IP rights. It’s fascinating to see how other suppliers work with strong mechanics and exciting to learn about how it’s received by the audience.

4.   We’ve seen Megaways™ help some gaming studios become more popular with players. Would you say it’s enhanced your reputation further? Or just shown the industry as a whole how versatile you are when it comes to making outstanding online slots?

Such collaboration definitely plays a role in our current favourable position in the market and helps build brand awareness through new avenues. We believe our robust and reliable technology, as well as our unique content, has already set us apart in the industry, so introducing new mechanics like these demonstrates our flexibility and technical excellence in creatively adapting to market trends.

5.   This could be a question across all slot styles really. But what do you feel is the key to making a successful Megaways™ Slot? What elements are important factors that your team consider when developing a game like this?

While Megaways is certainly a popular mechanic sought out by player enthusiasts, it mustn’t be applied unless it adds a genuine edge to the game’s entertainment value. Resting on the laurels of the Megaways name without giving the game the usual development attention might get you some initial traction but won’t deliver a hit, so the application is important. Temple Tumble, which is still popular despite being one of our first, demonstrates that the correct application of popularised formats can secure longevity of enjoyment and deliver a game that showcases a mechanic to full effect. The mechanic itself has opened up new reel styles beyond the classic 3x3 or 5x3s, and based on BTG’s licensing method, it has now become so familiar amongst player communities that new reel structures have become familiar enough to be easily understood, while simultaneously bringing something fresh to the table.