Stress Awareness and Wellbeing at Relax Gaming
Stress Awareness and Wellbeing at Relax Gaming
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Amid a rapid growth phase, Relax is no stranger to hard work. This said, the company understands the importance of caring for the people that care for their business. Relax aims to operate ahead of the curve not only in the sphere of technology and innovation, but also as a workplace that differentiates for all the right reasons. 

The start of 2021 saw Relax introduce several wellbeing packages to help ease the temporary transition into working from home full-time. Despite opening 7 new office spaces to accommodate our ever-growing workforce, we had to devise new ways of ensuring our employees maintain a good work-life balance even while apart. 

Our first 2021 initiative was a reconfiguration of our gym allowance that grew into a more comprehensive "Wellness Benefit" available to all employees. In most locations this was an additional benefit to the already included health insurance coverage, the intention was to cover a broader array of wellness activities or expenses, such as: 

  • Stress management sessions
  • Nutrition and Health information classes
  • Smoking cessation treatment and training
  • Light therapy
  • Sport memberships

We also allow for more personal initiatives to be added to their coverage plan, so long as they tie in with our wellness goal. Additionally, this year we also introduced an internal tool, Heia Heia, to help stimulate and inspire regular physical and beneficial mental activity amongst our team. This takes the form of a mobile app that enables our international teams to keep in touch and encourage one another to adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle through step-tracking, meal-sharing, workout tips and the like. 

Moving into April, deemed Stress Awareness Month, the team was driven to push our wellness message even further. The company began hosting frequent yoga classes for free and online, mindfulness guides and stretching technique tutorials on Heia Heia to promote mental welfare, and an added incentive was included to spur on participation through an end-of-month raffle! The aim is to keep our workforce feeling refreshed and invigorated, especially during this trying time. 

We firmly believe that a happy and healthy employee is a productive employee. Encouraging a harmonious balance between work and life remains a top priority for Relax as we strive to drive differentiation through every aspect of our work.