How to Survive and THRIVE at ICE
How to Survive and THRIVE at ICE
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ICE365 is well on its way and we’re gearing up for our countless meetings, events, and busy days at the Relax Pop-Up Hub N4-300. There’s no hiding the chaos that can come with the buzz of an iGaming expo so here are some tried and tested tips from teammates who are no strangers to the conference floor. 

Fail to plan, plan to fail:

Before the expo research the events, attendees, map out companies that will be present, and be sure to set your meetings to the right timezone! Crawl LinkedIn for new connections and make some introductions that you can follow up on at the conference. Build a must-meet list to have a clear target of individuals you want to shake hands with.

Pack smart, go easy:

Portable chargers at the ready, business cards in hand, and a spare pair of shoes to get you through the day and night. There’s nothing you can’t handle with this collection in your arsenal.  

Network like a pro:

ICE is the perfect place to make new contacts and brush shoulders with industry professionals. Make sure you have a great elevator pitch and don't be afraid to start a conversation with someone new – you never know where it might lead. Dress professionally and comfortably so you can be at your best throughout the day. Take notes, set reminders, and touch base with new contacts after the expo rush is over. 

Power up! Head over to N4-300

Running out of steam? Relax, we’ve got you covered. Keep yourself well hydrated and remember to take frequent breaks. Head over to our Pop-Up Hub at N4-300 for some snacks and a well-needed recharge.  

These tips should carry you through the three-day networking marathon and will have you leaving the expo with new contacts, fresh experiences and memories to carry you through to the next one! Let us know what other tips you would add, drop us a message in the comment section below. 

Good luck and have a great time!