Chip, Mocha, and the CSR Drive
Chip, Mocha, and the CSR Drive
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Summer is in full swing and things are heating up on the slot scene. Our team’s been busy working alongside the Aboutslots crew leading up to the hottest release of the season - Sloth Tumble.  


‘When it came to choosing an iconic protagonist for our summer title, the three-toed sloth was an obvious choice. With his slow groove and laid-back vibe, Chip soon became the essence of the entire Sloth Tumble experience.’explained Daniel Jonsson, Head of Games at Relax Gaming. The focus on this unique species, its movements, and habits sparked intrigue around the species at Relax, and saw the team reach out to an animal sanctuary in Costa Rica as part of a CSR initiative.  


Eager to get involved, we spoke with Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, an NGO doing incredible things for the exotic wildlife of Central America. Conversations quickly led to collaboration, and a few weeks on, Relax is the proud sponsor of an important change to a resident sloth’s life in the heart of Dominical.  


Meet Mocha:  


Much like the lovable character in Sloth Tumble, Mocha is an exotic sloth with a lot of personality. She was brought into the sanctuary as an orphan in 2015, discovered alongside her deceased mother. Once in the care of Alturas, she was found to have spasms in one of her legs which ultimately led to complete paralysis, making it impossible for her to survive without medical attention.  


She’s now enjoyed over 8 years at Alturas, where she helps raise awareness amongst children, families and tourists who visit from around the world. Volunteers are available around the clock to clean her enclosure, prepare her food and administer activities that encourage natural behaviour through mental and physical stimulation. It may not be the wild jungle of Costa Rica, but it’s an enriched life she leads at the sanctuary; one that only stands to gain with the donation provided by Relax.  


The company’s efforts will directly improve her living conditions, sponsoring her relocation to a new and greener area, offering her a more engaging environment where she can thrive for the rest of her time at the sanctuary. 


Cristina Azzopardi Schellmann, Operations Manager at Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, expressed her gratitude for our partnership: ‘‘We are so lucky to have been given the opportunity to work together with Relax Gaming in order to improve the enclosure of one of our resident two-toed sloths, Mocha. Thanks to this generous donation, we are now able to move Mocha into a larger enclosure, which will give her the opportunity to display more naturalistic behaviours, such as climbing, moving more and foraging.  


As an NGO and a non-profit organization in Costa Rica, we rely heavily on these kinds of generous donations, and it is only through such funding, that we can continue our mission in rescuing injured wildlife and caring for them. This donation will greatly improve her quality of life! We look forward to more collaborations like these.’’  


Our work with Aboutslots has not only brought the soulful character, Chip, to life in Sloth Tumble but also sparked a heart-warming initiative. Our contribution to Alturas will help improve the life of Mocha, but there are many other animals that require constant aid and attention, visit: to learn about how you can help this organisation continue its important mission and click here to check out our sloth sensation, Chip: