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Gems Infinity Reels

The fate of the cosmos hangs in the balance. Unspeakable evil is lurking and ready to wreak havoc on our universe. Together our heroines battle to prove Unity will triumph over evil.

ReelPlay’s ground-breaking Infinity Reels™ returns with a unique feature set and a powerful theme. A stunning cast of protagonists are married with Multi-Reels, Increasing Symbol Multipliers and Free Spins featuring our Unity Bonus with up to 888x your Total Bet.

Four princesses powered by four magic gems unite to battle as one for the ultimate prize... victory! The Ruby Princess is a mighty warrior, wielding the flaming weapon to purge evil from our realm. The Sapphire Princess, an enchantress who commands powerful magic and spells. The Emerald Princess is a master of archery whose beauty is matched by her deadliness. The Spinel Princess, roars into battle with her bejewelled staff.

ReelPlay’s trademark production quality is delivered again from a studio that leads in every facet of game design and development. Beauty and power are combined with repeat play math, stunning visuals and a captivating soundtrack.

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