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Maze Escape

A terrible shadow fell over the island Crete when king Minos turned his back on the gods. A monster was born into his house; half man half bull.

To hide his sin from the world, Minos called for one of the greatest minds in all of Greece; Daedalus. He tasked him to build an endless maze, from its depths neither man nor monster could ever return.

Together with his foolhardy but kind son Icarus, Daedalus completed the impossible task. With the monster’s eternal prison, the great maze, now complete, Minos threw Daedalus and Icarus into its depth to forever keep their silence.

Daedalus started plotting their escape and for the sake of his son, his dear Icarus, he swore on Athena to find a way out of the maze before the dreaded Minotaur would send them to the other side of Styx.

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