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Mega Masks

Deep in the Guatemalan jungle, uncovered behind centuries of overgrown fauna, the Mega Masks Temple is reawakened. As though grasped in the hand of its creator, the stiff rubble reels start turning again – so let the games begin.

The Mega Masks feature can activate at any time, merging 2 or more reels and bringing a minimum of 1 Mega Symbol. 3 Bonus Symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 take you to Free Spins, giving you 10 free spins to start. Here, fireflies light up the reels and clear artifacts on the vines. Once 5 have been cleared, the 2 adjacent reels will merge and award 2 extra free spins!

Just beside the game is a glowing Mega Bet stone which allows you to increase the frequency of the Mega Masks Symbol feature that could lead to removing 5 or 9 artifacts before the Free Spins round begins.

The ancient Mega Mask has reared its head, are you ready to face it?

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